Will Tom Brady retire a Patriot? New England fans wonder about possibility of one-day contract

Will Tom Brady retire a Patriot? New England fans wonder about possibility of one-day contract

Tom Brady is calling it quits, but he may not quit the Patriots.

While Brady spent the last two years of his career as a Florida Man, the majority of his Hall of Fame career was spent in the northeast as a member of the Patriots. Though Brady is retiring as a Buccaneer, the possibility exists for him to return north for a proper goodbye.

With six Super Bowl rings on 10 of Brady’s fingers, it’s fair to say that most identify him as a Patriot as opposed to a Buccaneer. That lead some to question: Will Brady decide to make one, last return to Foxborough to retire a Patriot? 

It might be in the works:

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Will Tom Brady retire a Patriot?

It’s a possibility that Brady comes back to Foxborough and retires a Patriot, if recent reports are accurate.

According to recent reports, Brady could sign a one-day deal to retire with the Patriots.

While one-day contracts are more ceremonial than they are official, there’s still legal and labor ramifications surrounding one-day deals, as Deadspin reported in 2016. Brady is still under contract with the Buccaneers, even though he is forfeiting certain aspects of his salary before the 2022 season.

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Curiously, Brady didn’t even mention the Patriots once in his retirement message: That could either be extremely petty, or a door open to give New England fans a proper goodbye in foreseeable future, potentially by way of that one-day pact.

When it comes to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there’s no preferential treatment as there would be for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Players don’t have to pick a team to represent as they would in Cooperstown, and inductees are labeled either players, coaches or contributors. 

So, don’t worry, Patriots fans. Tawmmy may be coming back soon.

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